Topics and Ideas for your Blog

Yes, a blog is a great tool for education and search engine optimization, but what about the dreaded writer's block?

"Update your blog at least once a week or even daily!" So say the social networking pundits. But that means you have to say something, and ideally something worthwhile, over and over again. C'mon, who was that many ideas?

The truth is your area of expertise is already there, you just need some vehicles to find ways to tap into it. Try these ideas.

1. Current Events

Connect what your business does to a current event, so everyone can relate to it.

2. Industry Trends

What's going on in your industry that people would be interested in? Just talk about the facts and then add a little personal perspective.

3.Get Personal

If you're ready to share, tell readers about something that's happening in your life and how it relates to your business. Say what you will but it is hard to separate life from your work and that just shows that you're passionate about what you do.

4. Create a Tutorial

Use a simple free web tool like CamStudio to create a screen recording or audio clip to walk your visitors through something that will help them.

5. Review Something

Find a product, book or service related to your field or of interest to your audience and do a thoughtful review by examining the high and low points. This is something you can be doing for your own research so leverage the effort for your readers.

6. Read Other Blogs and Look for Ideas

Search for blogs related to your field through Technorati or Google Blog Search and see what they're doing. You may be inspired and see how you can try something similar (but better!)

7. Create a Top 10/Best of List

You know people love 'em! Tell people your favorite tools, blogs, industry experts to follow, places to learn, and more.

8. Talk to the Beginners

Explain something that is already "well known". It's very easy to find people who still need Course 101 in your business, so why not provide that? It's simple for you and can help show your willingness and ability to work with those who are new to your field.

9. Discuss How You helped a Client Solve a Problem

This is something that is especially interesting to potential new clients. Comment on a common problem or even something unusual and how you helped the clients needs get met.

10. Answer (and Solicit) Questions from Readers.

Your clients ask you the same questions over and over. Why not head them off by sharing answers to the most asked questions on your blog? And at the same time, ask for new questions so you have fodder for the next blog post!

All of these topics serve multiple purposes including:

  • SEO-friendly, new, relevant, keyword-rich content that helps draw people to your site
  • Value added educational resources for your clients
  • Establishing your expertise to new clients.

It's a win-win for everyone!

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